Switzerland Women – Nation Spotlight

We had the pleasure of working with Melina who gave us their time to share some insight into the Ultimate scene for Women in Switzerland.

The team’s preparations have been a transformative experience, delving into the realm of mental strength and fortitude. They have learned invaluable lessons about resilience, focus, and determination, and are excited to witness the fruit of their efforts materialise during the tournament. With each passing day, their collective mindset grows stronger, ready to face any challenge that comes their way.

But let’s not forget the lighter side of their preparations. The journey has been filled with fun and joy, allowing the team members to truly get to know each other. Through shared moments, both on and off the field, they have formed a bond that will fuel their performance in Limerick. Laughter has been their faithful companion, reminding them that the journey should be enjoyed as much as the destination.

These women eagerly look forward to showcasing their skills and competing against other European powerhouses. They have heard whispers of the incredible progress that has been made in Women’s ultimate since 2019, and are thrilled to be a part of the evolving landscape. With great anticipation, they await the challenge and the opportunity to play a lot of frisbee.

But what truly adds to the excitement is the legendary Irish fans. Memories of their vibrant cheers and celebrations from 2019 linger in the team’s minds, and they wonder how the atmosphere will be in Ireland with even more Irish fans in attendance. The energy, passion, and support of the fans create an atmosphere that amplifies every moment on the field. The Switzerland Women’s team eagerly anticipates experiencing that infectious Irish spirit firsthand.

In the realm of ultimate, everything seems a bit simpler. The worries of the world fade away as the team immerses themselves in the joy of the game. Their hope is that every member of the team will create cherished moments that they can look back on with a smile in years to come. In Limerick, they will seize every opportunity to relish the simplicity and beauty of the ultimate experience.

With their preparations nearing completion, the Switzerland Women’s team is ready to bring their A-game to the field. They have dedicated countless hours to honing their skills, acquiring knowledge, and building their teamwork. Now, it’s time to unleash everything they have worked for, leaving nothing behind. Limerick will witness their precision, determination, and the vibrant Swiss spirit.

And when the moment arrives, just before they step onto the field, the team will reach for the speaker, ready to elevate their energy and ignite their passion. The hype songs may range from the catchy beats of “Chihuahua” by DJ Bobo to the pulsating rhythms of “Later B*tches” by The Prince Karma, or even the timeless melodies of “Fernando” by ABBA. The choice of song may cause a playful debate, but its purpose is clear—to ignite the fire within and unleash their full potential.