Spain Women’s – Nation Spotlight

We had the pleasure of working with Helena who gave us their time to inform us on the successes and achievements made by the Spain Women’s Division to date.  

The Spanish Women’s Team aims to come to Ireland with a team that will challenge competitors. Using National performances at their benchmark of success to date, these Spanish Women’s look forward to having the opportunity to put each other to the test and see how they can best outperform the rest of Europe. The goal for the tournament is for these strong women to finish as high as possible while playing their best with great spirit.

In the last number of years, the Ultimate community has seen many young players breaking onto pitches across Spain with outstanding performances representing their clubs across the nation. However, a limiting factor is what could potentially be a phenomenal display of ultimate for these players are the opportunities to play internationally due to financial restrictions. Nevertheless, Spain did not let this cap the development of the Ultimate Community on a multinational scale with Teams present at a number of European finals in 2022. 

Team preparations for EUC 2023 kicked off in November 2022 with their first tryouts in Madrid. A classic rookie mistake was made when they assumed the weather would be delightful, only to be greeted by the surprisingly chilly Madrid winter. However, not even the rain on Sunday could dampen their spirits, as their hot blood kept them fuelled and determined.

Two intense training weekends took place in Barcelona, where the players showcased their best skills under the radiant Catalan sun. The high intensity and dedication of every team member created an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared goals. They pushed themselves to the limit, fine-tuning their strategies and perfecting their plays.

In their quest for international exposure and fine-tuning their performance, the team eagerly looks forward to participating in both Tom’s Tourney and Windmill. These tournaments serve as crucial opportunities to test their skills against top-notch competition and refine their gameplay before the main event in Limerick.

With Limerick rumoured to have the most delightful grass, the Spanish women can’t help but wonder what the secret behind that perfect turf might be. Will they uncover the mysteries of Limerick’s luscious green fields? Only time will tell, and they eagerly anticipate the experience of playing on such hallowed grounds.

When it’s time to step onto the field, the team reaches for the speaker, ready to pump up the energy and ignite their collective fire. The infectious rhythm of “Volar” by La Pegatina fills the air, resonating with their passion and drive. Alternatively, the electrifying beats of Bad Bunny could serve as the catalyst to unleash their untamed potential.

With each passing day, the Spain Women’s team grows more eager to bring their A-game to sunny, sunny Limerick. They are prepared to conquer any challenge that comes their way, armed with their skills, determination, and a touch of Spanish flair. As the tournament approaches, their focus sharpens, their bond strengthens, and their spirits soar higher than ever.