Slovakia Mixed – Nation Spotlight

We had the pleasure of working with Martin Bolvanský who gave us his time to inform us on the successes and achievements made by the Slovakia Mixed Division to date.  

The Slovakia Mixed Team have full intentions on climbing the ladder to success as the challenge teams for the European title and solidify their position on the European stage. 

The Slovakians see this tournament as the perfect opportunity for their roster to gain a tremendous amount of experience, with each player acutely aware of the level of competition they will face. 

The team stems from what can be considered a very small community in Slovakia. National clubs eagerly await to hear of the experiences gained at EUC for young, up and coming players to learn from. As the ultimate community in Slovakia undergoes a generational change, a number of phenomenal young, female players emerged following the re-awakening of the world. Within the community, everyone strives to create as many opportunities for these young players to be exposed to the best athletes in Europe and to further enhance the Ultimate playing experience for all in Slovakia. Entering a team in the mixed division granted emerging female players the opportunity to be exposed to and play against the best athletes in Europe, while simultaneously challenging their male counterparts to perform at their best to earn a spot on the mixed squad.

Competing in the Mixed Division is an area in which the Slovakians feel they can thrive as the foundation of the team is built from players that recently secured a 4th place finish at the 2022 European Ultimate Indoor Championships. Facing the cold depths of winter off the back of this success, the squad trained outside to master their skills against varying weather conditions. As the summer months quickly approach, the squad will adapt their programme to be based on training camp sessions – ones they hope to not experience 100km/h wind or snow again like they have had at previous practices! Along with this, the management team will be coordinating challenge matches against neighbouring national teams.

Having got a taste for wild wind during their training camp, the team are hungry to experience this again and to breathe in the fresh, ocean air on offer in Sunny, Sunny Limerick – something which is very scarce in the depths of continental Europe. Will the wind end up being a friend or foe for this team? Only time will tell for the players in red, blue and white.

As a team who are fond to a few dance moves, you can expect them to be throwing a number of shapes to Humpa Humpa by Fäaschtbänkler – a song they often dance to and use as a reminder that while they are working very hard to achieve results they are proud of, they should still, first and foremost, enjoy themselves.

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