Latvia Mixed – Nation Spotlight

We had the pleasure of working with Linda Gulbe who gave us her time to inform us on the successes and achievements made by the Latvia Mixed Division to date.  

The Latvia Mixed Team remain humble with their ambitions, taking each game as it comes with the goal of making their way to the quarter-finals. Recognising that a lot can happen in any game, they remain diligent in their preparations, keeping an open perspective on discussing goals that transpire to reality.

The Latvia Ultimate community is one of many to have suffered following many players parting ways with the sport as measures eased following the global lockdown. As a small country, this results in the formation of national teams on an international level being a challenging matter – one the Latvian’s did not face in their preparations for the EUIC 2022 with lesser players required. Nevertheless, their attendance at the European Ultimate Championships 2023 will be the first time the Latvian’s send a national Mixed team showing the communities determination to compete and grow as a team on an international stage.

Although the team is slightly later than anticipated in beginning their preparations for EUC 2023, all players are adept in the realm of playing with one another having played together in different formats and competitions both indoors and outdoors, showing their versatility and ability to adapt to situations. Being coached by Mārtiņš Taurenis, Jānis Bernāns and Toms Ābeltiņš puts the team in a fortunate position to be learning from some of the most experienced players in Latvia. 

As a squad buzzing with synergies built from years of friendship, the team look forward to creating new memories together filled with victory. Should you be walking the grounds of the tournament and see people dancing to the latest radio hits or to some Latvian pop songs from the 1970’s – you can be sure it will be this team!! Keep an eye out to see how this team progress and continue their preparations for the EUC 2023 on the following channels: