Ireland Mixed – Nation Spotlight

We had the pleasure of working with Emma Healy who gave us their time to inform us on the successes and achievements made by the Irish Mixed Division to date. 

With a strong sense of national pride and some good old Irish charm, this team’s goal is simple yet ambitious: to give their absolute best and strive for victory in each game they participate in. With determination, skill, and a healthy dose of team camaraderie, this team is eager to make their mark while relishing the unique charm of the wondrous Limerick City. The team acknowledges the competitive nature of the event but are optimistic about their abilities and ready to showcase their talent on the grand stage.

The Mixed Division in Ireland has experienced remarkable growth over the years, and its roots can be traced back to a pivotal moment in 2008 when David Misstear hosted AIUC Mixed in the picturesque St Anne’s Park, Dublin. With a modest turnout of six teams, this event sparked a flame that has grown into a roaring fire. Fast forward to 2019, and AIUCX in Cork boasted a whopping 13 mixed teams, showcasing the phenomenal progress of the division.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of this growth, it can be largely attributed to the relentless efforts of numerous clubs and colleges across the country. However, one event that deserves special mention is Dublin’s Golden Cup, formerly known as Golden Keg. This mixed tournament, held during the summer, has been a breeding ground for the development of Mixed Ultimate in Ireland. Additionally to this, Ireland’s newcomer tournament of the year, Tribal Gathering, creates another opportunity for those to compete in the Mixed Division.

The Irish Mixed Division has carved out their own share of glorious moments in recent years. In 2011, they secured a respectable 6th place at EUC in Slovenia, marking their presence on the European stage. The year 2013 witnessed the Irish Mixed Beach team accomplishing something historic— a 2nd place finish at Beach Euros, becoming the first Irish team to reach a European final. In 2015, the Irish Mixed team claimed a silver medal at EUC in Denmark, an achievement that was followed by their triumphant victory at Windmill Windup. Success for the division continued in 2018 when Rebel Ultimate proudly secured a bronze medal at EUCF. These accomplishments serve as stepping stones for the Irish Mixed Division, driving them forward with confidence and a heightened reputation as a nation.

Preparing for EUC 2023 has been an exciting journey for the Irish mixed team, with a few bumps in the form of player injuries encountered along the way. Despite this, their preparations have been sailing rather smoothly, showcasing the dedication and hard work of all players. Each training weekend brings forth notable improvement, leaving no doubt that they are ready to take on the European stage. To add to the anticipation, their warm-up tournament in May was an exciting milestone on their path to EUC, providing an excellent opportunity to fine-tune their strategies and build team chemistry. While challenges and setbacks are part of the process, the team has approached them with a sense of resilience, overcoming hurdles and growing stronger together.

As for playing on a European stage in Sunny, Sunny Limerick, the home of laughter and friendly faces, the convenience of driving to the tournament and freedom to bring as much luggage as they desire adds a playful touch to this team’s experience. More importantly, the Irish are thrilled to compete on home soil, supported by a chorus of cheers from their family, friends and local ultimate supporters. As participants in the opening game of the EUC, with the University of Limerick as the playground for this showdown, the team look forward to basking in the electric atmosphere that only a homecoming can provide.

The Irish Mixed Team know exactly how to ignite their spirits with the pump-up anthem of choice: Bruno Mars – 24K Magic. As the beats drop, their energy surges, feet tapping and spirits soaring, leaving no doubt that they are ready to conquer and claim victory. Get ready to witness their unstoppable drive!