Hungary Mixed – Nation Spotlight

We had the pleasure of working with Erdősi Zoltán who gave us his time to inform us on the successes and achievements made by the Hungarian Mixed Division to date.  

The Hungarian Mixed Division team strives to finish in the top 8 of the 16+ Mixed European Ultimate Championships division. Along with this, they also wish to challenge the hardest opponent, one that could be considered the favourite to win Gold in the division, through setting a minimum number of points they must score for the game to be a success in their eyes regardless of the final result.

Following on from the achievements made by the Hungarian U20 Mixed Team in 2022, this success paved the way for many players granting them a position on the team attending the EUC and the opportunity to face opponents of a more Senior level. While facing players adept in the realm of Ultimate may put the young players under scrutiny, only time will tell whether this will result in defeat or continued success for the team. 

With strong foundations laid as they face the journey to the European Ultimate Championships 2023,  the struggle remains in gathering sufficient funds to support the team in their formation and final venture to Ireland. With unwavering aspirations, the Hungarian’s are determined to not let this interfere with preparations and victories they are pursuing at practice tournaments, training camps and time together.

A number of key factors proving to delight the team for their outing to the land of gold and green is the quality of the facilities the EUC will be hosted on, with a mixture of high quality grass and 3G pitches providing athletes with fantastic fields of play. Additionally to this, gracing everyone’s presence in Limerick will be the best Ultimate players from all around Europe. The Hungarian’s look forward to the challenges these teams will present and view them as an opportunity to embrace strategies created during these preparation months to lead the team to success. 

Should you find this team preparing for a match up that prove to be a spectacle, you can expect to hear Hungarian music being blasted to pump up the team – in particular,  KORDA GYÖRGY X BUDAPEST AIRPORT: REPTÉR!! Be sure to keep an eye and ear out to see how this team progress and continue their preparations for the EUC 2023 on the following channels: