Great Britain Mixed – Nation Spotlight

We had the pleasure of working with Cameron Agnew, Great Britain Mixed Squad Manager, who gave us their time to inform us on the successes and achievements made by the Great Britain Mixed Division to date. 

For Great Britain’s Mixed team, the goal at the European Ultimate Championships 2023 is crystal clear—bring home that shiny victory while having an absolute blast on the field. They approach the tournament with a perfect balance of competitiveness and enjoyment, recognising that Ultimate is not just about the final score, but also about the exhilaration of playing with teammates and embracing the spirit of the game. They strive to channel their skills, strategies, and camaraderie into an unstoppable force that will leave their opponents dazzled and their supporters roaring with delight.

The Mixed Division in Great Britain has experienced a series of defining moments, from their successes in previous EUC tournaments to representing their nation at the World Games in 2022. These achievements have catapulted them in showcasing the depth and talent within the Mixed Division. With unwavering dedication and commitment to the play, it has allowed them to establish themselves as a formidable force, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved.

The journey towards EUC 2023 has been filled with ups, downs, and plenty of amusing moments for Great Britain’s Mixed team. They have embarked on several training weekends, cultivating strong relationships both on and off the pitch. With a focus on offensive structures, they are determined to fine-tune their gameplay and maximise their scoring potential. However, they are fully aware of the unpredictable glorious Irish weather and have plans to shift their attention to defense, preparing themselves for the mental challenge of wanting to bask in the Limerick sunshine. Amidst the intensity of training, there have been hilarious and lighthearted moments that have only strengthened their bond as a team.

The team eagerly looks forward to soaking up the glorious rays of sunshine in this picturesque city of Sunny Sunny Limerick, where the weather forecast promises a 100% chance of sun all week!. The warmth on their skin and the blue skies above will provide the perfect backdrop for their epic battles on the ultimate field. With every throw, catch, and spirited celebration, they will revel in the joyous atmosphere, making memories that will shine as bright as the sun itself.

Not all teams require a speaker to get players pumped – especially when you are a team with Josh Briggs who serenades players with his rendition of ‘As Surely as I Stand’ by Tower of Power. His soulful and passionate performance echoes through their hearts, filling them with energy, determination, and an unshakable belief in their abilities. With music as their fuel, they are ready to conquer the field and seize victory!