Czech Republic Open – Nation Spotlight

We had the pleasure of working with Patrik Novák, Team Manager of the Czech Republic Open team, who gave us their time to inform us on the successes and achievements made by the Czech Republic Open Division to date. 

The Czech Republic’s Open Division team enters EUC 2023 as a youthful, hungry, and highly competitive force. Their dedication is evident in their relentless work on physicality, strategy, and mental toughness. However, their ultimate goal goes beyond victory. They strive to showcase their profound love for the sport and approach each game with great spirit, embracing the camaraderie and enjoyment that comes with being part of the ultimate community. Their mission is to make their mark as a united team, leaving a lasting impression on and off the field.

There have been several key moments that have shaped the journey for the Czech Republic Open Division. “Silence”, a prominent club team, has consistently reached the top 8 for years, representing the Czech Ultimate scene with distinction. Another team making waves is FUJ/3sb, fighting for their moment in the sun, determined to carve out their place among the elite. On the national team level, there have been remarkable finishes at Windmill, with second place in 2015 and third place in 2019. These achievements paved the way for the team’s aspirations, igniting their hunger for success at the main event, EUC.

Preparations for EUC 2023 are progressing like clockwork for the Czech Republican’s. With their characteristic humour, they navigate the rollercoaster ride of Czech weather, which will undoubtedly prepare them for the blissful conditions of Sunny, Sunny Limerick. The team have immersed themselves in three-day training camps, combining tactical preparation with a much-needed barbecue and team bonding. Their focus lies in enhancing individual and team skills, fostering chemistry and teamwork, and developing effective strategies to compete against formidable opponents. With every step, they inch closer to their goal of ultimate brilliance.

This team eagerly awaits to experience the beauty of Limerick and the charm of Ireland. Beyond the stunning landscapes, they relish the opportunity to compete against the best national teams in Europe. As ambassadors of Czech Ultimate, they are excited to forge connections with players from different countries, experiencing the vibrant international community of ultimate. The allure of Limerick and the thrill of competing on a grand stage make this journey even more enticing.

Every team needs an anthem that sets the rhythm for victory. For this Czech team, their anthem is a special composition by their former teammate Vojtěch Prušák, telling the story of their team FUJ. This cherished anthem holds a special place in their hearts, firing them up and putting them in the right mindset for the game. Its melody and lyrics resonate with their collective spirit, reminding them of the rich history that fuels their determination. Listen HERE!!